Riot redux: How exciting are YOUR events?

The WQXR blog (one of my favorites) dipped into a question yesterday about the legend of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring debut. If you’ve ever taken a class about 20th century music, you’ve probably heard the tale:  boos screamed, cat-calls shouted, musicians, dancers and concertgoers afraid for their safety… My favorite bit was something about one audience … Read more

NY steals back Borda

It’s been a dramatic week for the arts and humanities across the country, of course, and for all the calls to action, you may somehow have missed the news that LA Phil’s intrepid prez/CEO, Deborah Borda, will soon leave SoCal to return to her post with the NY Philharmonic.  This isn’t entirely a surprise, of … Read more

Jobs and artists, Part 1: A hard look at the future

The web has been abuzz with woe in recent days, fretting over the state of the arts’ job market.  The Paris merger has caused a huge stir.  The Green Bay Symphony has sung its swan song, with hundreds of tickets unsold for their final concert.  Chicago Classical Review reported on Monday that another Midwestern orchestra, … Read more

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