The review posted today of Thursday night’s downtown event for LiNK pushed some buttons beyond the political, and served as a reminder of another issue, particularly important for all classical musicians, and especially those with busy and/or long careers.  Please bear with me for a brief ponder: Coming to a community-based concert at a rented … Read more

Summer gems: A favorite recipe for the heat

Let’s just jump in and state the obvious: it’s really hot. This time of year tends to be a long, relatively silent slog into the heart of summer, when music events are fewer, more often outdoors and an intended reprieve from the grind. Our own series, unSUNg: Songs Uncommon and New, starts July 30, and … Read more

unSUNg proposals now accepted for 2017

Can it really be our fifth year?  It can!  We’re currently accepting proposals for season #5 of unSUNg: Songs Uncommon and New, our unusual summer concert series in Glendale.  This year’s events again take place on three Sundays, all at 4pm:  July 9, July 30 and August 20, at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Brand … Read more

August 21st is your last chance to get unSUNg this year

Our concert series isn’t quite like any other.   Almost everything we program for unSUNg, our summer concert series now in its fourth season, is highly likely to be new to you.  These are passion projects, selected annually through a carefully curated proposal process.  Those proposals are submitted by people who have a real drive to … Read more

Celebrating our other independence

Vocal focus in the summertime* Southern CA Vocal Events Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights With July 4th coming up fast, please bear with me while I take a moment to wax rhapsodic about independence. What I truly love about being part of Jim’s marvelous endeavor here is the focus on local artists, chamber music… and … Read more

unSUNg 2016 proposal deadline extended to March 31

We’ve been so busy this (ahem) “winter” that we’re offering potential presenters a better chance to ask questions, etc. before submitting proposals.  We want to hear from you!  This summer concert series, presented by Lauri’s List, is a collaborative project where we provide a platform for new and neglected vocal chamber music.  Bring us your … Read more

Show us your vision for unSUNg 2016

What music are you dying to share with the world? It’s time again to dust off your passion projects and tell us what’s on your mind!  We want to hear about the new and rarely-performed vocal chamber works you can’t bear to keep to yourself, as our summer concert series  will celebrate a fourth season of … Read more

And now a word from our series…

unSUNg is back!  We spend all year talking about performing arts all across the Southland, but summer is when “the List” switches hats and gets directly involved, with our own summer series and its own twists.  As of this week, the third season of unSUNg: Songs Uncommon and New has arrived. This Sunday marks one … Read more

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