“The Buffs” help their 500th singer climb a little higher

One of our most valuable local support organizations has announced a major achievement, with the Opera Buffs helping their 500th singer achieve her goals — and she’s a Lister!  Yelena Dyachek is the milestone in soprano form, and we’re delighted for both org and performer.  The company’s press release follows, with lots of links: [Press release] … Read more

CCMN: Bang! goes the season

Vocal focus from CCMN* Southern CA Vocal Events Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights The season is coming!  The season is coming! Nothing like diving right in, as this weekend marks the start of a very busy year for classical vocal types. As opera companies’ engines start humming, we tweeted yesterday from the dress rehearsal of … Read more

Coming home

Emerging stars return to Royce Hall for one of classical music’s greatest masterpieces It’s a Requiem that’s more opera than mass.  With some of the most spectacular choruses and solos in the repertoire, this monumental work packs a punch.  UCLA’s Choral Union and Philharmonia welcome current students and alumni for one performance only. Verdi’s Messa … Read more

Operalia back in town this weekend

For its 22nd year, the self-proclaimed “most prestigious opera competition in the world”,  the Operalia competition returns to Los Angeles for the third time.  The competition moves from city to city each year (17 so far, in 12 different countries), and only two locales have hosted the event this many times — the other is … Read more

Listers afar: Notes from Wolf Trap

Tracy Cox, a former Lister and fabulous soprano now traveling far and wide with her talents, soloed last night at Wolf Trap for Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, and shared some salient thoughts on Facebook about that work and ultimately, about why we sing.  With her permission, we share them here, in the hope that it will … Read more

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