Gaming the music, chickens first

Entrepreneurial artists are always looking for ways to get noticed and increase activity and interest around their work, but many performers give precious little thought to the basic chicken-and-egg question of arts marketing:  “Which comes first — the work or the audience?) Matt Farley has taken an  approach to putting the audience first, using search … Read more

Finding your fit: Pondering marketing puzzles with Elemental Harmony

Elemental Harmony is vocal trio currently comprised of three of our Listers:  (L to R) Kris Wildman, Ter Lieberstein, and Jacque Mahoney.  They’ve seen significant success in the local community, and their combined creativity and business acumen show potential for continued growth.  With their upcoming ‘Voices of Women‘ concert on 5/25 and the particular idiosyncrasies of … Read more

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