SoCal has a Christmas all its own

Vocal focus from CCMN Southern CA Vocal Events Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights Christmas is just around the corner, and as this week’s issue of CCMN reaches into the first week of January, there’s a lot to cover. You won’t have any trouble finding gorgeous holiday fare to fill the gaps in your calendar, of course — … Read more

Arts Catch-up: News through 10/24/16

Whatdja miss?  Don’t let Facebook and late-night TV be your sole sources for arts news.  Take a second and read something!  Here are a few stories you may have missed in the last week or so: Bloggerville — Muses, reviews, and a farewell “Jason McVicker, 1962-2016” — Parterre Box, 10/17/16 One of the opera world’s beloved observers … Read more

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