Recap: News from the week

Welcome to our new weekly feature! The week rarely arrives in sonata form, but we could all still use a good recap. Here goes… New releases A new album is available from Voxfire, the powerhouse vocal trio combining the superb talents of Samela Aird Beasom, Christen Herman and Susan Judy. Check out the group’s new … Read more

Are you part of the Spotify settlement?

Has your creation been streaming without your permission?  A pending court settlement involving Spotify, the international music streaming service, and a class action group could, if approved by the court, set aside more than $43 million in funds to compensate those whose work has been used without permission.  In short, the suit was raised, Spotify agreed … Read more

Arts catch-up: News through 10/18/16

Unless you were hiding under a rock this week, you’ve probably heard the news about Bob Dylan‘s Nobel (and the fact that they can’t get in touch with him).  You may even have heard about what Mozart can do for a good grape. But here are a few other stories you may have missed in the … Read more

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