Why we’re leaving Twitter

As I’m sure you’re all reading every word on this blog ūüėČ, you may be aware of the concerns and frustration I’ve found as Twitter has devolved over the last year or so. The List has made friends, gleaned news, cheered for projects and built relationships there, and benefits have been reaped. But the atmosphere … Read more

Tweet networking

Don’t underestimate Twitter’s networking power… even amidst the chaos. I wrote recently about arts journalists and what Twitter has made possible for them.  That post also addressed quite a few other issues around the Land of the Blue Bird, and enough intriguing discussion h, redas come out of that post that I’d like to address … Read more

Making Social Manageable — our Group Coaching session for March

Group coaching announcement for March 2022 — Making Social Media Manageable on March 19. Register at laurislist.com/events

New Music Is the New Black

(or perhaps the canary in the mine?) Hi, tenor Nathan Granner here. I’ve been singing opera and classical music professionally for over 25 years and producing live shows, tours, recording albums for around 15 years. I’ve seen a lot in my day! Here are some of my thoughts. I’ve been so crazy these past months … Read more

Phones at the opera

One of my favorite productivity bloggers took in his first opera this summer, as part of a trip to Prague. His thoughts on the amount of smartphone use¬†during the outdoor performance sparked a few ponderings from the presenter’s perspective: The performing arts have all had to contend with the rise of new technology over the … Read more

A hashtag for the arts

As you’ve probably noticed, this blog and our social media feeds have included more political discussion than usual recently, due to the extraordinary times we are currently traversing. ¬†While wearing several hats, Lauri’s List is at its root an arts advocacy organization: ¬†we work for classical artists, for their work,¬†and support both however we can. … Read more

Met tenor responds to “Ashgate” outrage

Depending on who you speak with, the opera community has been shocked, amused, baffled and/or incensed this week by the actions of a mourning opera lover who scattered his friend’s ashes at the Met without permission or announcement, and prompted a shut-down of¬†one performance and the cancellation of the next. Read the New York Times’ … Read more

Arts catch-up: News through 10/18/16

Unless you were hiding under a rock this week, you’ve probably heard the news about Bob Dylan‘s Nobel (and the fact that they can’t get in touch with him). ¬†You may even have heard about what Mozart can do for a good grape. But here are a few other stories¬†you may have missed in the … Read more

Meet Janna, our own Pinterest ninja

In this time of family fun, I’d like you to meet someone: This is my sister, Janna Lusk.¬† She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and four kids (hi, sweeties!).¬† She speaks three languages, is an expert in social media, standardized surveys, knitting and a variety of other crafty subjects, and is a terrific … Read more

Pinterest for Listers

Pinterest is an online pinboard – a place to collect and curate the things you love.¬† Started as a small operation in 2009, they launched for public consumption in 2010, and have become one of the hottest sites on the web in a very short time.¬† Previously a consumer-only site, designed for fun, businesses around … Read more

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