Volunteering as career strategy

It’s the thing that pros are never supposed to consider, yet sometimes they do — for their own good reasons. Why would you volunteer your time and energy, and what could you get out of it? If you choose carefully how you fill the gaps in your calendar, you’ll find opportunities for growth you may … Read more

The difference in seeing clearly

We talk a lot about talent, and we hear artists worry about it quite a bit.  But regardless of what talent you may or may not have, it will not go far without a clear vision of what you want, and the determination to get there.  Focus is so essential, yet we don’t practice it … Read more

Is there a better way to memorize your texts?

by guest blogger Gabriel Wyner

Most of us Listers are singers, and as such, we have way too many texts to learn. From the endless recitatives of next season’s Mozart opera to the stack of new audition arias we should probably learn, there are few professions that can even approach the memorization needs of a classical singer.

Oddly enough, while a formal vocal education includes classes in music theory, diction, acting and interpretation, we almost never take classes that teach us how to memorize. Instead, we cobble together tips from colleagues and teachers and pray that the music will somehow help us remember — and it frequently does. When we finally stand in front of an audience and the music begins to play, we usually do remember, if only a split second before we open our mouths.

But the memorization process can be made a lot less stressful. There are simple, reliable ways to memorize texts, and this article will show you several.

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