Chakras and singing

[Editor’s note: Kirk Averitt is a conductor, vocalist and educator and is relatively new to the Listerhood. He has brought us some intriguing ideas and different ways to think about singing. Here, Kirk shares some of his recent experiences with yoga and chakra theory. We encourage you to join in the conversation by commenting below. … Read more

The right to sing

A friend posted the following on Facebook last month, and it just cropped up on my radar.  (No, I do not check my Facebook feed every day.) While my initial instinct was to simply comment, the linked article started a ponderation that needs a ranting space of its own.  (Brace yourselves.) Please do read the … Read more

Crooning in the face of trouble

Singers talk all the time about how they sing, what they sing, where they sing… but far less often do we expound on the reasons why.  While many of us are indeed aware of the curative powers our career skills can have for others, we may be less likely to put them to work for our … Read more

Simple wisdom from Lady Ella

“The only thing better than singing is more singing.” — Ella Fitzgerald This is part of a new inspirational series on the Singerpreneur blog and social media for Lauri’s List. The 2015 quotes are also archived on Facebook and Pearltrees. Feel free to share these images, and please be sure to credit us. Thanks!

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