What are you willing to REALLY reach for?

There’s something about being a musician that makes some people feel helpless, like luck is everything. Quasi-proverbial clichés like “it’s who you know…” and “opportunity knocks” can be misinterpreted as reality checks, and can often feel like slaps in the face. But they should really be calls to action. If you know what you want … Read more

Welcome to tomorrow

September has arrived, and the new season is just starting to peek over the hill. While there isn’t a full calendar yet, there are plenty of great things to do and hear in the SoCal vocal landscape. New Year’s resolutions will rear their heads in a few months, of course, but are you setting any … Read more

Fraidy-cats and want

What are you afraid of? It may very well be what you want most.  Everyone’s afraid of something. The tricky part is getting past the big, scary distance between you and that goal. Can you picture it?  Do you know what it will take, or at least what your next steps are?  Don’t let fear … Read more

Scared fearless: Why you should choose artistic projects that shake you up

While I’m inspired almost daily by our incredible Listers and all they do, one particular conversation last week has stood out in a big way, for the passion this woman expressed, and the way she described the feeling of diving into a project that was intimidating, challenging and full of the unknown and uncontrollable. This … Read more

You’re the goal that matters most

When you imagine achieving your dreams, who else is there?Competition can rev you up, but Keep the focus on the best part — being your best. “Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors.  Try to be better than yourself.” — William Faulkner This is part of a weekly inspirational series on the Singerpreneur blog … Read more

January resolution round-up

One more set of links to help with your annual soul-searching, goal-setting, visionary extravaganza!  To help get the wheels turning, here are five areas that may deserve some attention in your life in the arts, with vital information from non-arts sources that you may have overlooked: Money Even it out:  A new Internet service promises … Read more

New year, new way

We’re back!  After a much-needed break, the Team is officially back at work today, and I’d like to offer some thoughts for the new flip of the calendar… even if it’s a day late. First, let’s skip the standard resolutions pep talk.  We’ve taken a good look at gratitude in our Thanksgiving post, and it’s … Read more

Giving thanks, giving back

We’ve been talking a lot about why we do things and how we choose projects, and the holiday season lends itself strongly to this sort of self-reflection, right up through the assignment of New Year’s resolutions.  But the whole holiday season is a good time to think about the next year, and there’s as turkeys … Read more

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