Two events to expand your network

There are lots of ways to meet new people and build new relationships, for your career and for artistic inspiration.  Two proven, time-tested methods stay at the top of the list: Show up Learn skills The more people see you, the more your name and your work will stick in their minds.  The stronger your … Read more

Next gathering — Schmooze with us in Pasadena on 11/14

We need a fall fling! Schedules are packed, but take a little break with us before the holiday craziness fully settles in.  Join us Monday, November 14, and the wonderful True Food Kitchen in Pasadena (pictured above).  This restaurant chain is rapidly growing a devoted following for their creative, delicious and health-conscious menu that has something … Read more

Events not named Oscar

Vocal focus from CCMN* Southern CA Vocal Events Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights This is that time of the year when the most touted carpets are red, narrow, and bedecked with well-dressed superstars. This Sunday, of course, is Oscar Sunday, an international holiday that tends to steal an incredible amount of focus in SoCal. So … Read more

Here’s to a very schmoozy 2016 (UPDATED)

Do you schmooze?   Probably, whether you know it or not:  this marvelous word simply means to mingle, connect, or even to hobnob.  (Choose your favorite!) In the Listerhood, we use the moniker for the networking gatherings we host several times a year, giving our members and guests a chance to meet, catch up, share ideas … Read more

Meetups, hobbies and other interests: Are you networking enough beyond music?

Can a visit to the aquarium actually help your career?  You betcha. Most of our readers know about the “schmoozes” we occasionally host for the Lauri’s List community:  the purpose of these casual networking gatherings is to give Listers a chance to meet each other and make some new contacts.  It’s been working well, and … Read more

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