One amazing Friday (and other wonders this week)

Vocal focus from CCMN Southern CA Vocal Events Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights Forget the week. Get lost and celebrate something more profound and moving with this weeks truly fantastic Friday! Brave the traffic and get thyself to one of these: USC’s intensely popular VISIONS & VOICES series returns with “Sound Maze”, a fascinating adventure in … Read more

“The Buffs” help their 500th singer climb a little higher

One of our most valuable local support organizations has announced a major achievement, with the Opera Buffs helping their 500th singer achieve her goals — and she’s a Lister!  Yelena Dyachek is the milestone in soprano form, and we’re delighted for both org and performer.  The company’s press release follows, with lots of links: [Press release] … Read more

LAO ist ein Berliner… And life is sweet

A fond little hat-tip to JFK seems appropos this week, and Los Angeles Opera gives us a dubious opportunity to crack wise, as well as a glorious opp to cheer, with the German-born production of The Magic Flute that debuts this weekend.  Here’s the nutshell version: get your butt in a seat. This version of … Read more

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