Change, and change again

We’ve heard about the merits of “fail again; fail better”, and this is close: COVID has certainly taught us to change, and change again, and the last couple of weeks have brought rapid shifts indeed. With guidelines, plans and realities adjusting rapidly, trust that our resilience will see us through. Seems like a good time … Read more

How gritty are you?

“Grit” has become a surprising buzzword in the last few years, repurposing the word’s linguistic power with more creative purpose than even John Wayne could have inspired.  We’ve written before about MacArthur Genius Angela Duckworth’s TED talk and the conversations that have resulted from her book of that title. The word itself is evocative and satisfying, … Read more

How they bounce in Japan

In the wake of yesterday’s post about resilience, let’s take a multicultural view of the art of bending without breaking: “Fall seven times and stand up light.” — Japanese proverb Resilience: Facing Down Rejection and Criticism on the Road to Success by Mark McGuinness If you’re an artist of any kind your work will be rejected … Read more

Surviving being Liked (or not)

For the last week or so, something odd has been happening:  the Like count on our Facebook page has gone up by one, and down by one, and up by one, and down by one — several times. It could be that the incessant schmooze nudging has gotten on a nerve or two (as obsession … Read more

Hint: Don’t be nothing

Too many performers hang back, bound by fear.  We worry about what others think, what people say about our work, and how to avoid both negative words from others and the thoughts that invade our own minds.  We perform what we’re told to, believing we’re “too busy” projects that we’re personally excited about.  Of course, the external is … Read more

What keeps you in the game?

Three recent articles seem to be circling around the same theme:  stick-to-it-iveness.  This is essential for any artist, of course, as the road to success is rarely easy, and a candidate for greatness needs to not only “have it” but must also really want it to survive the slog to the top, or even to the middle. “How … Read more

What makes us human

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering..” — Ben Okri This is part of a new inspirational series on the Singerpreneur blog and social media for Lauri’s List. The 2015 quotes are also archived on Facebook … Read more

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