Fourteen ways to annoy a job lead

Please don’t make the folks behind the table make faces like this… We list a lot of different things on the Lauri’s List site, including both public and members-only jobs and gig listings.  Some of these require quick action, and we’ve discovered over the years that even some of our more experienced Listers (me too!) … Read more

“It’ll be fine!”

It’s a phrase that most of us have uttered at one time or another, and the unfortunate behavior of a young singer brought it to mind again recently.  But innocuous as it may seem, if you’ve too often reassured yourself or others with this “oops/oh well…” cliché when your own behavior has been less than … Read more

Resolution for all members

In the spirit of fresh starts, we need to draw attention to the way the List works. We were recently embarrassed with a client, as a job that was specifically brought to us for our members-only board was shared on Facebook, causing confusion and the application of several non-members to a job that should have … Read more

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