Summer reading

Whether you’re vacationing, preparing for the new school year or just getting through the summer heat, this is a very good time of year to bone up on what’s going on in the arts world. Take a look at what you’re reading the rest of the year, too:  does your Feedly list need an update? … Read more

Adding insult to ‘insult’

Blogs and drama in high form Oh, how Norman Lebrecht loves both to insult and be insulted…  The Slipped Disc blogger adds his ‘humph’ to a new Lexus ad circulating the Web, referencing a thoughtful but perhaps overly serious response by Australian cellist Paul Ghica. The ad is clearly satirical, and is actually rather clever.  … Read more

Not dead yet

Slate, as it often does, started a small firestorm in the online world, with Tuesday’s headline: “Classical music in America is dead.” The author, Mark Vanhoenacker, makes his rambling argument with a pile of statistics, unsupported generalizations about orchestra health, his own riffs on the observations of one respected classical blogger, plus a bizarre array … Read more

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