Does your website address end in .org? Don’t panic

Are you panicking? Read the headline again. Due to news stories like this fairly reasonable one from CNN, there seem to be some rumors afoot, with wild tales of skyrocketing website costs and even targeting of nonprofits by the tech industry. But slow down, and leave the freaking out to the music directors who are … Read more

Prime Day points to creative fundraising

With Amazon promoting its third annual Prime Day for their members today (July 11), we’ve gotten a few interesting pitches in our email inbox over the last week — all of which lead to one option you may have missed.  Local arts orgs (and a whole lot of other charities) have signed up with Amazon for … Read more

Pasadena as guinea pig: New nonprofit study worth a look

Thanks to Monica Hubbard‘s excellent Wired Women e-newsletter for the heads-up on the new results: How many public benefit corporations, commonly known as nonprofits or 501(c)(3) organizations, exist in Pasadena? Leadership Pasadena wanted to know so they asked California Association of Nonprofits to find out. Here’s the story: To subscribe, learn more, or donate to … Read more

4 nonprofit myths artists should abandon, pronto

It’s safe to say that Lauri’s List is a fairly unique endeavor, and it leads to some interesting conversations as the Team and I traverse the wilds of SoCal.  One of the topics that comes up quite regularly is that of nonprofit (tax-exempt) status, and I’ve been fascinated by the opportunity to observe current attitudes … Read more

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