Awash in choral color

Vocal focus from CCMN* Southern CA Vocal Events Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights Great choral music is like a well-textured painting, and can range in scale from exquisite miniatures to grand canvases worthy of Jacques-Louis David. (See his Oath of the Horatii above.)  This week, several beloved and revered choral works are taking center stage, … Read more

’20s ‘Trav’ gets another luscious run at LA Opera

It sounds like another modernization gimmick:  set La Traviata, one of Verdi’s most celebrated and beloved operas, in the 1920s?  Pourquoi?  But listening to director and production designer Marta Domingo and the cast talk about the show, it’s clear that the period was carefully chosen, with strong reasoning behind both selection and execution.  After the … Read more

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