What are you willing to REALLY reach for?

There’s something about being a musician that makes some people feel helpless, like luck is everything. Quasi-proverbial clichés like “it’s who you know…” and “opportunity knocks” can be misinterpreted as reality checks, and can often feel like slaps in the face. But they should really be calls to action. If you know what you want … Read more

Meetups and networking

Is your network expansive enough?  Are your circles broad and overlapping? As we know, Southern California is all about who you know. But it’s not only the top people in the field who can make the difference for your career longevity and personal fulfillment.  It could be the people you share your love of the … Read more

One more schmooze for end-of-season

It’s been a big year, and we’re winding things up before summer with a schmooze at one of the Listers’ favorite watering holes:  Islands Restaurant in Pasadena, just next to Arclight at Paseo Colorado.  This place is known for creative burgers, fish tacos, fantastic fries and options for just about whatever diet you’re following. How … Read more

Two events to expand your network

There are lots of ways to meet new people and build new relationships, for your career and for artistic inspiration.  Two proven, time-tested methods stay at the top of the list: Show up Learn skills The more people see you, the more your name and your work will stick in their minds.  The stronger your … Read more

The Freebie: Investing in your network with song

Singing for free is controversial, and some singers just won’t do it, no matter what birdie=freedom proverb you throw at them. This is a personal choice, and every performer has to make their own decision on this issue.  But for those trying to become better known in a new area, or even in the city where … Read more

Meetups, hobbies and other interests: Are you networking enough beyond music?

Can a visit to the aquarium actually help your career?  You betcha. Most of our readers know about the “schmoozes” we occasionally host for the Lauri’s List community:  the purpose of these casual networking gatherings is to give Listers a chance to meet each other and make some new contacts.  It’s been working well, and … Read more

Retro touches in a tech-driven world

Gestures I have on my desk two thank-you notes and a birthday card, all received recently as tokens of appreciation.  These aren’t just nice — they’re examples of how old-school etiquette can work in your favor. Let’s begin by saying that I do my best to be impartial when we’re offering referrals and contracting.  Sending … Read more

Best network ever

We’re focusing on networking for the next couple of weeks, so let’s start with a little contradiction:  Yes, networking is important, but never for its own sake.  The real point is in forming real connections that are beneficial to all involved.  (Remember that?  It’s something called friendship!) Give more than you receive.  Listen more than … Read more

New enews, *With, makes its debut

It’s here!  The first issue of our new email newsletter, *With, was sent out today, and will keep readers posted about Lister events, featured training opportunities and other local happenings that can help you learn and connect with colleagues and community members.  (Opps to “hang with”, “learn with”, and more!)  This newsletter is free and … Read more

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