Why we music

An unattributed quote* grabbed my attention on Facebook today: Musicians don’t just like to play music.  They aren’t just fond of it.  It’s not a passing hobby. Music is an obsession for a musician. It is something that has grabbed a hold of their lives, and won’t let go. We often hear artists, writers and others say that … Read more

Welcome to tomorrow

September has arrived, and the new season is just starting to peek over the hill. While there isn’t a full calendar yet, there are plenty of great things to do and hear in the SoCal vocal landscape. New Year’s resolutions will rear their heads in a few months, of course, but are you setting any … Read more

A “pill” you can hear

We talk about the benefits of laughter.  We certainly talk about all of the things music can do for us.  But this sums it up:  the right dosage, at the right time, can change a day or a week.  Diligent practice can change our brains, our habits, and even our relationships.  Whatever you’re dealing with, … Read more

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