Are you decorating yet?

Prepping for our upcoming unSUNg concert, a very multicultural affair, Ariel and I have been exploring a number of ways that people celebrate different parts of December. It’s also led to no small bit of nostalgia. When I was growing up, my mother bought two gorgeous cross stitch Advent calendars as kits in Solvang, each … Read more

“It’ll be fine!”

It’s a phrase that most of us have uttered at one time or another, and the unfortunate behavior of a young singer brought it to mind again recently.  But innocuous as it may seem, if you’ve too often reassured yourself or others with this “oops/oh well…” cliché when your own behavior has been less than … Read more

What a difference a space makes

Words are funny things:  they can do much to inspire, thwart or invigorate us, but it is our minds and perspectives that give them power. If you’re stuck, look at the word in front of you in a completely different way.  If that doesn’t work, find a new one.  They’re yours to use in a way that … Read more

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