A memorial service for Nancy Riley

Nancy Riley was one of the List’s charter members, biggest champions and a dear friend to many. I’ve known her for so long and sung with her in so many places that I actually don’t quite remember where we met, but suspect it was way back in the mid-90s, with Lamplight Carolers (now Carolers Inc.), … Read more

Lister Lost: Celebration of Life for Cindy Martineau this Saturday in Brea

We are so saddened to hear of the sudden loss of soprano and longtime Listerina Cindy Martineau, who passed away after a heart attack on Friday, June 10.    She was sixty years old, with a warm heart, sparkling voice and a laugh that filled those around her with joy. An active member of the vocal community … Read more

A friend’s remembrance, and memorial details for countertenor Brian Asawa

Beloved world-renowned countertenor Brian Asawa was a vibrant part of the vocal world at large.  When he passed away in April, it was a shock to that global community, and tributes have been posted all over the web, chronicling his early rise, an ongoing passion for Baroque repertoire, and his recent mission to help and support … Read more

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