In our turbulent political climate, it seems everything lives in conflict — even holidays.  But Memorial Day should be different, as it honors those who have given so much.  For those of us who come from military families, it is a poignant moment of pride (sending love to my cousin Matt!), great big hugs, and … Read more


It always seems a little strange to say “Happy Memorial Day”, as the day’s purpose is to remember those who have given their lives for the rest of us. But celebrating that courage, that commitment and such sacrifice is just as right as mourning loss, so hopefully this weekend will be about more than burgers. … Read more

Stand and remember

Memorial Day weekend tends to be more full of barbecues and beaches and the thrill of the annual summer gateway, but for some, it brings out the champion within: For the South Bay Children’s Choir, for instance, this weekend’s ‘American Kaleidoscope’ concerts include repertoire from across the years in American music, including everything from works … Read more

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