Black Friday “on demand”

This post has been UPDATED to include a deal for Associate memberships, and a slightly new deadline. Please Contact us if you have any questions. While we’ve offered a different selection of special deals for the days surrounding Thanksgiving this year, we’ve decided to take a different approach for 2019. Dealing by request this year … Read more

Holidays are blooming

As we told our members this week, we have so much going on right now that our social media and blog posts will be less often for a bit, and email newsletters will be streamlined, as well. This is because we have big things in the works, including a brand-new website (!!!!!) in the new … Read more

“Keep us posted about what you’re doing…”

This post is aimed primarily at our current full members.  But the rest of you should take note, too… The title of this post must be one of my most oft-repeated phrases in my emails to our full members.  And as much as it has become ingrained into my fingers, it’s not just form letter boilerplate. … Read more

New rates and membership options available as of July 1, 2016

We’re implementing some changes, starting just a month from now, so this is your official heads-up! As of July 1, 2016, we’re officially rolling out new membership options and increasing our basic membership rate by just $5/year. This is the last in a series of planned updates, which have slowly brought the List out of the realm … Read more

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