Dudamel heading out

Gustavo Dudamel has announced that he will leave Los Angeles and the LA Phil to take over the New York Philharmonic in 2026, starting a five-year contract there. This is no huge surprise, considering that NY Phil’s head honcha, Deborah Borda, used to helm our own “big orch”, and was part of the team that … Read more

Review in a hurry: ‘Thumbprint’ at LA Opera

We recently got some feedback about LAO’s unusual opera, Thumbprint by Kamala Sankaram, who also stars in the show.  The mini-rave comes from Joanna Cazden, a longtime Lister.  The groundbreaking Off Grand production is playing through this weekend, and we just had to share: Lauri & all: FYI – I saw “Thumbprint” tonight at Redcat & … Read more

NY steals back Borda

It’s been a dramatic week for the arts and humanities across the country, of course, and for all the calls to action, you may somehow have missed the news that LA Phil’s intrepid prez/CEO, Deborah Borda, will soon leave SoCal to return to her post with the NY Philharmonic.  This isn’t entirely a surprise, of … Read more

The other blog you should be reading

Damjan Rakonjac has been known to us at the List for several years, and several reasons: He’s a talented composer, with works including a charming 2010 chamber opera, The Other Wise Man, based on a story by Henry van Dyke. (It would be perfect as a Christmas special offering for any of the regional and … Read more

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