LA’s Board of Sups invests in the arts

Any day local government stands up for the arts is a good day! See the very exciting news from the Arts Commission’s new chief below.  Email release follows. Historic Board Motion Affirms the Value of Arts & Culture in LA County MAY 18, 2018 A message from Kristin Sakoda Dear Colleagues, On Tuesday, May 15, … Read more

LA public agency marks fifteen years of arts ed advocacy for LA schools

Good news for those who may despair about arts education. While there’s still plenty of room for more programs and better arts opportunities for growing creative minds, valuable programs like the LA County Arts Ed Collective are still fighting the good fight, and have been doing so for a decade and a half. Read below … Read more

Two grant awards for Vox Femina bring help & funding

Vox Femina is facing their 20th Anniversary season… and getting a little help from their funding friends, with two grants awarded last month that will help the excellent choral organization grow even further. First, as part of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission‘s  Arts Internship Program, Vox is one of more than 200 organizations who get … Read more

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