Dual review: Cavalli’s ‘La Calisto’ gets local premiere with POP

Review by Coril Prochnow: As a revival of Cavalli’s La Calisto is being seen in Europe and the United States, Pacific Opera Project launched their own version of the complex and bawdy comedy in Highland Park during the merry month of May, executing what is quite possibly a premiere of the work in Southern California. The entertainment started as soon … Read more

Voices blooming

Vocal focus from CCMN* SOUTHERN CA VOCAL EVENTS Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights Spring’s in full swing as 363-year-old opera gets LA premiere; LBO serves up two versions of Stravinsky favorite; and SoCal gets concertized but good. Francesco Cavalli’s rarely-performed 1651 chamber opera, ‘La Calisto‘, gets is Los Angeles premiere from PACIFIC OPERA PROJECT starting … Read more

CCMN: Hang time

Vocal focus from CCMN* SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA VOCAL EVENTS Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights   Things are especially quiet this weekend, leaving more time to catch these: If you missed the opening of Billy Budd at LA OPERA, there’s still time to catch it, and plenty of motivation, as the buzz is considerable about this musically … Read more

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