Riot redux: How exciting are YOUR events?

The WQXR blog (one of my favorites) dipped into a question yesterday about the legend of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring debut. If you’ve ever taken a class about 20th century music, you’ve probably heard the tale:  boos screamed, cat-calls shouted, musicians, dancers and concertgoers afraid for their safety… My favorite bit was something about one audience … Read more

Conductorless, but full of vision

We’ve dubbed this weekend’s performance by the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra a “hidden gem” not because they’re entirely hidden, but because they’re surprisingly little-known in the vocal community.  While this newish ensemble has gained quite a respectable following going into their third season, their focus is understandably on instrumental music most of the time, and too … Read more

The new and the grand

Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra mixes it up With a world premiere by L.A.-based Lior Rosner and Mahler’s spectacular Symphony No. 4, the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra brings violinist Jason Issokson and soprano Janai Brugger to Pasadena and Santa Monica this weekend.  The blend of old and new has all the makings of a very special musical experience. … Read more

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