Review: LAO dances their way into a Bach masterwork

With the help of the Hamburg Ballet and their venerable US-born choreographer John Neumeier, our own LA Opera opened a run of J.S. Bach’s ‘St. Matthew Passion’ last Saturday, to powerful effect. Background The Bach oratorio is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest masterpieces of Western sacred music, a dramatic Baroque gem that defied … Read more

Long Beach Opera announces 2018-19 season

Reich, Glass, a world premiere and a Bach adaptation combine to celebrate two anniversaries for Long Beach Opera.  The release expresses the same vitality we’ve come to expect from this adventurous company, as well as a particular sense of artistic urgency: Stories that need to be told Music that needs to be heard Details below, … Read more

The master and a made-up prodigal

As great as Johann Sebastian Bach was, he is somehow made greater when we make fun of him. So when composer and master wiseacre Peter Schickele made up yet another offspring for the Baroque master more than five decades ago, then built an astonishing oeuvre of well-crafted and remarkably clever satirical works in a wide … Read more

Soundin’ good for 332…

With J.S. Bach’s birthday rounding the bend again on March 21st, Bach in the Subways is back, bringing the wigged master’s tunes to urban nooks and crannies all over the world, proving that centuries later, the old guy can still inspire, excited and move audiences of all types. This mammoth event has a big footprint in … Read more

Happy birthday JS and Modest!

March 21st gets a lot of fanfare each year because it’s the birthday of the greatest of all fugueitives, J.S. Bach.  But it’s also the bday for one of Russia’s greatest composers (and a hero for many art song geeks), Modest Mussorgsky.  As a sort of threefer this week, we’re wishing a big happy to … Read more

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