Ending in the middle

Vocal focus from CCMN* Southern CA Vocal Events Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights There’s something electric about this transition between spring and summer, when the heat is building up, the main season is wrapping up, and tunes are swirling through Southern California like a frenzied last gasp. It’s an annual ritual that is easy to … Read more

Review: Synchromy turns romance on its head — Blue Whale, 2/15/15

It all started with Simple Daylight.  John Harbison originally wrote the antithetical songs about love for Dawn Upshaw in 1998, with acerbic texts from his friend Michael Fried.  The songs stand out in any program, and sparked a new and fruitful collaboration when composer Jason Barabba heard soprano Justine Aronson sing the cycle last year.  … Read more

Love and singing are everywhere

Vocal focus from CCMN* SOUTHERN CA VOCAL EVENTS Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! The annual lovefest comes with ready-made romance (or not) in nearly every vocal form, so hang on to your hats: Figaro continues to take over the Southland with a staging of The Guilty Mother, Beaumarchais’ third and final … Read more

Looking (leftly)*

For many musicians, summer is a time to reboot artistically and work with new people, often traveling far from home to learn something new and kick their careers in the tuchas.  However, even if you’re staying in SoCal this summer, you can benefit from any of the summer fests taking place within day-trip distance, and … Read more

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