Are you decorating yet?

Prepping for our upcoming unSUNg concert, a very multicultural affair, Ariel and I have been exploring a number of ways that people celebrate different parts of December. It’s also led to no small bit of nostalgia. When I was growing up, my mother bought two gorgeous cross stitch Advent calendars as kits in Solvang, each … Read more

A day (almost) about a bird

We jest, of course. Thanksgiving isn’t about what’s in the oven or what’s on the table — or even what isn’t on the table, depending on your poultry-related views. It’s actually one of our more profound and meaningful holidays, whether you’re spending it with family, friends, coworkers or just yourself. Over the centuries since Pilgrims … Read more

You deserve a cookie… and your own holiday!

Our Listers are the rock stars of Christmas. They sing, they organize, they play, they conduct, they entertain. They make the holidays brighter and merrier because they work so hard and offer up a boatload of talent to put under our trees and to surround us with seasonal sparkle. Now that the caroling, the concerts, … Read more

Love… you!

On this day of hearts, flowers, candy, romance and general touchy-feely merriment, I have one message, which applies to all: Do something to remind yourself of your own worth today.   It’s so wonderful to focus on others, and to give them love and support.  It helps to remind us of the areas where we can … Read more

The most festive home stretch of the year

Hannukah has started, Christmas is coming, and the new year will race in soon after.  Musicians, in particular, tend to get “bonus frenzy” in December, what with juggling performance schedules, folders, outfits and grabbing meals wherever possible.  We often get more work this time of year, but less sleep, more driving and more stress.  As … Read more

Handel & candles are the holidays

Too many Messiahs.   We’ve all heard it: “Why can’t people do something else?”; “Why is everything ‘Candlelight this’ and ‘Candlelight that’ this time of year?”. There are those who never want to hear another carol, and think that Christmas, in particular, has become too commercial, even in the classical music world. At one point … Read more

Happy happy

Two holidays, two traditions, side-by-side this year.  With Passover starting on Good Friday, it’s going to be a big weekend with some musicians juggling responsibilities as well as headwear.  (Hint:  Don’t wear the ears to Seder.) The common theme? Gathering, whether you’re feasting around one table or another, hunting for eggs or the afikoman.  Wherever … Read more

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