Leap Day Homework

Did you know that “Leap Day”, that extra day that comes every four years and creates a 29th day for February, is also Rossini’s birthday? We must celebrate!, even if it’s not all in the same place. Unfortunately, a variety of factors (including flu worries, venue issues and more) have brought us to one conclusion: … Read more

Hidden Gem: Rossini, medium rare

ArteMusica brings us an ancient story of mama-love and the crucifixion, set with operatic passion When opera composers dive into sacred material, the results are often spectacular: Verdi’s very operatic Requiem is probably the best example, requiring no less than standout soloists and a hefty chorus and orchestra, and his ‘Dies irae’, when done well, … Read more

unReview for unSUNg #1

As our lead reviewers were either performing with us or otherwise occupied during our first unSUNg concert, let’s be clear:  this is not an attempt to review our own event.  But I’d like to personally thank all of the performers and organizers who participated in this first installment of our new concert series, and give … Read more

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