One smile fading

While some indicators in the arts are looking promising and we’re generally feeling vibes of a more hopeful arts community, not everything is moving forward, and the latest casualty is a “set it and forget” charity program that has, in theory, supported quite a few arts orgs in the Southland, across the US, and beyond. … Read more

Creative fundraising hits the holidays at LBO

Let’s hear it for the rare innovative approach to end-of-year fundraising! Rather than the usual annual “beg letter” or other hallowed techniques,  Long Beach Opera is launching their own twelve days of holiday cheer, with daily drawings, big prizes and dozens of chances to make donating fun. For every donation of $5 or more during the … Read more

Arts tech: Recent news in apps, web and a traveling wonder

Tech is everywhere, of course, and although most of the innovations that jump out at us from day to day tend to be on the entertainment, problem-solving and lifestyle side, it’s clear that Silicon Valley and their ilk haven’t forgotten those of us in the creative realm.  Here are a few new things that caught … Read more

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