Mind like water

I’d like to offer up a simple concept that has helped many, and may help you if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or out of control. (First off, you’re not alone, or this post wouldn’t seem necessary!) It comes from the Japanese Mizu no Kokoro, commonly translated as “Mind like water”. This concept is rooted in … Read more

The difference in seeing clearly

We talk a lot about talent, and we hear artists worry about it quite a bit.  But regardless of what talent you may or may not have, it will not go far without a clear vision of what you want, and the determination to get there.  Focus is so essential, yet we don’t practice it … Read more

Never sitting still

Whatever happens, you have to keep moving.  No one knew this better than Churchill, one of the 20th century’s most dynamic, and often most effective, leaders.  Don’t let a bad day, week or even year get the best of you.  Find your focus, and proceed. “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” — Winston Churchill … Read more

Distraction, or redirection?

Argentine novelist Julio Cortázar knew that focus is just one tool in the box.  Knowing when “distraction” isn’t what it seems may reveal truths about yourself and the direction your work should be going.  Embracing the “other” consciousness that taps against your focus bubble can expand possibility and solve problems. “All profound distraction opens certain … Read more

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