How gritty are you?

“Grit” has become a surprising buzzword in the last few years, repurposing the word’s linguistic power with more creative purpose than even John Wayne could have inspired.  We’ve written before about MacArthur Genius Angela Duckworth’s TED talk and the conversations that have resulted from her book of that title. The word itself is evocative and satisfying, … Read more

Fraidy-cats and want

What are you afraid of? It may very well be what you want most.  Everyone’s afraid of something. The tricky part is getting past the big, scary distance between you and that goal. Can you picture it?  Do you know what it will take, or at least what your next steps are?  Don’t let fear … Read more

What keeps you in the game?

Three recent articles seem to be circling around the same theme:  stick-to-it-iveness.  This is essential for any artist, of course, as the road to success is rarely easy, and a candidate for greatness needs to not only “have it” but must also really want it to survive the slog to the top, or even to the middle. “How … Read more

Turtles: the ultimate role models

Yeah, they’re smart about housing.  They thumb their flippers at long-eared rodents.  They’re mostly vegetarians.  But Confucius’ quote reminds us why turtles really rule.  Hear them roar. Wherever you are now, keep moving forward on your own projects. Small steps count.  Enjoy the journey, and keep your eye on the finish line. “It does not matter … Read more

Best fortune cookie ever

Experience shows that real wisdom doesn’t come from faux-exotic pastries.  But the truth is, if a naysayer is getting in the way of your progress, tune them out and keep going.  (Mr. Churchill already made that point last week, but it bears repeating.) If you’re the naysayer, keep it to yourself.  Go find a project … Read more

Never sitting still

Whatever happens, you have to keep moving.  No one knew this better than Churchill, one of the 20th century’s most dynamic, and often most effective, leaders.  Don’t let a bad day, week or even year get the best of you.  Find your focus, and proceed. “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” — Winston Churchill … Read more

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