A hashtag for the arts

As you’ve probably noticed, this blog and our social media feeds have included more political discussion than usual recently, due to the extraordinary times we are currently traversing.  While wearing several hats, Lauri’s List is at its root an arts advocacy organization:  we work for classical artists, for their work, and support both however we can. … Read more

Taking LA’s new music scene into a bright future

Composer group’s new pilot project feeds on existing and rekindled enthusiasm. An invited steering committee of about forty artists met in Pasadena on Saturday 10/29, in the first of what will hopefully be a string of open, visionary discussions hosted by the Los Angeles chapter of the American Composers Forum (ACF-LA).  This event is the … Read more

LA DCA’s new performing arts chief is rooting for small orgs

An announcement last week could bode very well for small arts organizations in Los Angeles:  Ben Johnson, formerly from CAP-UCLA.  Johnson is receiving cheers for his stated mission to support small, diverse organizations in particular. The department’s press release follows, adapted for our site from this webpage. [Press release] City of Los Angeles Department of … Read more

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