Curiosity is your best asset right now

As we head into what we hope to be the last several months of the arts shutdown, we cross fingers and toes, WEAR OUR MASKS and think of stages and lights and singing together again. But simply waiting can take a toll on creativity, so I offer you a challenge, if you haven’t done it … Read more

What does creativity feel like?

Everyone has their own perception of being creative. For some, it’s like a lightning strike, out of the blue, and beyond your control. For others, it’s a mood that you can jump into, following where it leads. It may be a conscious act, opening up your mind so that it can take an idea or … Read more

Groundhog Day

What does February 2nd have to do with classical music? Maybe nothing. Or maybe it’s a reminder to watch one of the funniest and most enduring films in many years. Maybe it’s a holiday designed for random distraction. Or maybe it’s just an annual headline opp for large rodents. But it could be so much more … Read more

What do with that extra hour

Good morning!  It’s 8am.  Have you shown up an hour early for church, with no coffee in sight?  Never fear.  Here are a few things that can help you pass the time in classic fall fashion: Read something, just for fun: You might be surprised how many great classics are available online, both in digital … Read more

Protesting ‘Akhnaten’; less arts coverage on Wall Street; and creativity as sanity

Arts Catch-Up:  News through 11/7/16 It’s National Opera Week!  Have you entertained enough deep thoughts about opera this week?  Do you feel that you’ve pondered your art form sufficiently? Anybody know a good joke or two?  Here are a few stories to help get the conversation started: Arts in the Media “The Wall Street Journal … Read more

Creativity update: January news (& more)

We’d like to try something new for a bit, and see how it works:  with all of the new research and pondering on the Web and beyond about the nature of creativity, what sparks it, how our brains work, and what it takes to have an original thought, we’re putting together a monthly round-up of … Read more

Distraction, or redirection?

Argentine novelist Julio Cortázar knew that focus is just one tool in the box.  Knowing when “distraction” isn’t what it seems may reveal truths about yourself and the direction your work should be going.  Embracing the “other” consciousness that taps against your focus bubble can expand possibility and solve problems. “All profound distraction opens certain … Read more

Brain food first

Getting fed isn’t just about those rumblings from your stomach.  Every project needs food, whether it’s time, sleep, art, a walk, a cup of coffee, or an apple a day. Need some ideas?  Try a weekly Artist’s Date (with thanks to la diva Julia Cameron).  Pick a “yes day” (or even a “yes hour”), where … Read more

Are you certain? What if you weren’t?

This week’s quote dropped into our lives courtesy of Lister soprano Jaclyn Urban, who shared it on Facebook, as posted by Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert.  Fromm –> Gilbert –> Urban –> Listers?  That’s the best kind of chain letter, showing us creative flow in action (without the threat of 99 years’ bad luck). … Read more

Creativity, arts ed …and drugs for kids? Really?

Rather bizarre news this week.  First, Tasmanian multimedia artist Leon Ewing started a campaign to give drugs to teenagers to unlock their creativity. He plans to raise the idea of “educational marijuana” at an Australian museum event next month highlighting difficulties in schools. Then, the museum hosting the event stood up for him, refraining from … Read more

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