Take care

This adorable little guy has the right idea… Once we get into November, the fall schedule for most performers gets increasingly hectic. And of course, we’re heading into cold and flu season, to boot. While you may have already had a flu shot and stocked up on Robitussin, this is the time to double down … Read more

Happy Fall — How ’bout a flu shot?

With Rosh Hashanah starting Sunday night and the High Holidays well underway, the change to autumn is apparent, even in weather-wonky Southern California. We’ve had a little rain this week, and many of us relish the idea of sweaters and boots and cooler weather. It’s also the time of year to get serious about cold … Read more

10 Weird remedies from near and far

Brrr!!! It’s finally scarf weather (even here in Southern California), and cold and flu season is full upon us. For the next several months, performers of all kinds are especially vigilant about health issues, as there are plenty of germs and viruses to go around, and we’re heading into peak season.  So we’d like to … Read more

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