Org your org with a colorful tech tool

I tripped over Airtable on Facebook the other day, and have been playing around with it to see if it might help small arts organizations do something that for many, seems very mysterious:  making sense of their staff structure.  It is, after all, the start of the new season, and plenty of folks in the … Read more

Goldstar epiphany: Lumping all music together, and how it changes arts marketing

When Goldstar removed the “Classical” category from their search options last year, I was annoyed.  No longer can we easily go to their extensive listings and find just the things that we’re interested in. The insanely popular discount ticket site covers thousands of live events across the country each week, and in dozens of categories.  … Read more

No treat like this retreat

Notes from the Women Singers Retreat — July 11, 2012 Earlier this year, Caroline McKenzie, a longtime Lister and friend (and jaw-dropping soprano to boot) got a bee in her bonnet, and hatched an almost magical plan:  she would put together a day-long “retreat” for female classical singers who had reached or passed the midpoint … Read more

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