Doldrums are a time to grow

You’ve probably heard “don’t waste the summer”, or something like it, from teachers and others during your life.  While musicians don’t exactly get a summer vacation, it does tend to be a season of difference, with more time to read, take a class, start a new habit, or learn a new role or skill.  Now … Read more

Vox Femina brings art for the senses

As the full and devoted audience settled in for ‘Music: A Mirror of Our Humanity‘ on Saturday, November 15, local visual artist Kaleeka Bond prepared her palette to the jovial sounds of audience whispers, chatting, laughter. Founding artistic director and conductor Dr. Iris S. Levine proudly informed the audience that this was Vox Femina‘s 18th … Read more

No treat like this retreat

Notes from the Women Singers Retreat — July 11, 2012 Earlier this year, Caroline McKenzie, a longtime Lister and friend (and jaw-dropping soprano to boot) got a bee in her bonnet, and hatched an almost magical plan:  she would put together a day-long “retreat” for female classical singers who had reached or passed the midpoint … Read more

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