Three wishes for a stellar season

Southern California Vocal Events from Jim Eninger’s Clickable Chamber Music Newsletter from the South Bay “Three Wishes” — LAURI D GOLDENHERSH’s Weekly Highlights We’re back! It’s great to be back, and with such a gorgeous season laid out ahead of us! Here are my first three picks of the season: This Sunday, the Huntington Beach … Read more

A peek into the world of opera, La Bohème and the Opera Buffs

The Los Angeles Opera Buffs have impressed us again, this time with a stunning concert performance of Puccini’s La Bohème. At Zipper Hall at the Colburn School in Downtown Los Angeles, almost every seat was taken in the audience and onstage. While “the Buffs” have been hosting showcases and scenes for more than twenty years, … Read more

Afternoon fun with the Buffs

The Opera Buffs are an unusual gem in the Los Angeles crown, and oh, how much they do for emerging singers!  This small, passionate non-profit raises money to DIRECTLY support young opera singers, dispensing mini-grants to cover the wide variety of expenses that come with a burgeoning career: travel, gowns and tuxedos, lessons and coaching, … Read more

Opera Buffs’ concert ‘Carmen’ is just what LA needs

The Opera Buffs gala on Sunday, August 20 was not only a resounding success, it was a surprisingly intimate performance of an incredibly dramatic work. Located at the Colburn School’s Zipper Hall, filled to capacity and brimming with excitement, the Opera Buffs organized a concert version of Bizet’s Carmen. This, the first of what one … Read more

“The Buffs” help their 500th singer climb a little higher

One of our most valuable local support organizations has announced a major achievement, with the Opera Buffs helping their 500th singer achieve her goals — and she’s a Lister!  Yelena Dyachek is the milestone in soprano form, and we’re delighted for both org and performer.  The company’s press release follows, with lots of links: [Press release] … Read more

Opera Buffs continue to nurture grand hope for the future

The next time you hear someone crowing a death knell for opera, remember “the Buffs”.  This unique organization, now thirty-one years old, is based in Los Angeles of all places, and offers direct grants to emerging artists during that very expensive period “between college and getting the contracts” with established houses.  As Opera Buffs president … Read more

Here, kitty kitty…

USC students go feline for Henze’s societal introspection This one’s particularly good for the “cat people” among us:  The English Cat is coming to USC this weekend, and while the run started on Wednesday night, there are still two chances to see it. (Get tickets right now — the Visions and Voices series tends to … Read more

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