Age and fluency: new info about language-learning

For classical singers, and particularly in opera, learning multiple languages to actual fluency is immensely important — particularly for those who are constantly on the road.  We study diction, and hopefully language, for the “big four” (German, Italian, French, English) in school, but even that heralded tradition is ignored in some learning centers.  We were … Read more

Arts catch-up: News through 10/18/16

Unless you were hiding under a rock this week, you’ve probably heard the news about Bob Dylan‘s Nobel (and the fact that they can’t get in touch with him).  You may even have heard about what Mozart can do for a good grape. But here are a few other stories you may have missed in the … Read more

Arts Catch-up: News through 10/10/16

What’s going on in the arts world?   Here are a few articles you may have missed in the last week: Champions of music (and musicians) “Philip Glass: own your work and get paid for it” —, 10/5/16 The maverick composer talks about a basic financial tenet for the artistic life. “How the performing arts can … Read more

Creativity update: January news (& more)

We’d like to try something new for a bit, and see how it works:  with all of the new research and pondering on the Web and beyond about the nature of creativity, what sparks it, how our brains work, and what it takes to have an original thought, we’re putting together a monthly round-up of … Read more

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