Small cast, big performances and beautiful pictures make LBO’s ‘Frida’ a can’t-miss treat

The Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach was the venue for Long Beach Opera‘s latest production of Robert Xavier Rodriguez‘s opera Frida, based on the life of painter Frida Kahlo. Before the performance, the audience had the chance to view exhibits at the museum, and then went outside to the sculpture garden for … Read more

An epic tale comes to life at LBO

Many can relate their best summer experiences to happy times outside under the stars, telling tall tales with friends. So it’s fitting that Long Beach Opera brings us the glorious Tibetan tale of King Gesar this month on September 7, 13 and 14. This story, similar to the Western stories of Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey, … Read more

Gabriela Ortiz’ U.S. premiere of Camelia la Tejana opens at Long Beach Opera

“Welcome to the U.S. premiere of Gabriela Ortiz‘ Camelia la Tejana. If you have your cellphones, take them out, turn them on, let all your friends know where you are right now and what a fabulous thing they’re missing, and then please turn them all off and let Camelia take over for you…” With this, Andreas … Read more

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