Classical streaming gets a much-needed boost

Could it be true?  The streaming of classical tuneage is on its way up. After the miserable failures of Pandora, Spotify and other major streaming services to properly curate and deliver classical music in a meaningful and useful way, a Berlin-based service called IDAGIO is changing the game, and is finally available in the US … Read more

Are you part of the Spotify settlement?

Has your creation been streaming without your permission?  A pending court settlement involving Spotify, the international music streaming service, and a class action group could, if approved by the court, set aside more than $43 million in funds to compensate those whose work has been used without permission.  In short, the suit was raised, Spotify agreed … Read more

Arts Catch-up: News through 10/24/16

Whatdja miss?  Don’t let Facebook and late-night TV be your sole sources for arts news.  Take a second and read something!  Here are a few stories you may have missed in the last week or so: Bloggerville — Muses, reviews, and a farewell “Jason McVicker, 1962-2016” — Parterre Box, 10/17/16 One of the opera world’s beloved observers … Read more

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