New advertising rates and options as of July 1

Have a summer project, auditions or a season announcement you want to draw attention to?  Our advertising rates will go up slightly as of next month, so booking your ads now will save you a few bucks.  You can purchase your contract anytime, and then have us publish later.  And of course, planning ahead is … Read more

Nationwide effort brings hundreds of music schools together

Music teachers, there’s still time to get involved in this endeavor: Teach Music America Week is coming up, and it’s a very direct way of engaging potential students and giving them a chance to try out a music lesson for the first time.  This is the third time the organization has organized this nationwide effort, … Read more

After the gobble: Holiday marketing and the arts

In case you’ve been completely ignoring us, you’re probably aware that Lauri’s List does offer a few special discounts on memberships, events and services during the annual post-Thanksgiving extravaganza.  This shopping-crazed weekend has grown enormously since the internet changed marketing so profoundly.  Not including the actual day of Thanksgiving (where we hope you ate well and … Read more

San Diego Opera makes tracks part of opera outreach

Performing arts ensembles are always looking for new and engaging ways of reaching out to the local community, and San Diego Opera has announced something quite out of the ordinary:  using the city’s trolley routes as a way to connect with new listeners. Traveling the city with a quickie version of their upcoming La Cenerentola, Cinderella and … Read more

Goldstar epiphany: Lumping all music together, and how it changes arts marketing

When Goldstar removed the “Classical” category from their search options last year, I was annoyed.  No longer can we easily go to their extensive listings and find just the things that we’re interested in. The insanely popular discount ticket site covers thousands of live events across the country each week, and in dozens of categories.  … Read more

The dress debate, llama drama and Jared Leto’s hair

Of any week in recent memory, the last stands out for pure cyber-ridiculousness. Of course, runaway camelids are fun (and, I can attest, quite difficult to grab).  “Optical illusion” is apparently the new label for what is simply bad photography. And the shock and awe of an Oscar-winning musician/actor’s sheared locks has also been all … Read more

Marketing Monday: Audiences really are shrinking! (But there’s hope)

Recent reports from the National Endowment for the Arts are both confirming suspicions and upending traditional views with some surprising results.  While traditional attendance is down, the reasons for staying home may be unexpected.  Clearly, price is not the only issue, and we can no longer blame empty seats on the recession that started more … Read more

Buddy up for longer reach

Singerpreneurs don’t sit on the sidelines, waiting for opportunities to come to them.  In the increasing noise of the artistic world, getting your work heard requires proactive thinking, creative problem-solving (we can certainly handle that), and often, teamwork. Working with a friend and forging strong partnerships with colleagues can do much to make everyone’s work … Read more

Finding your fit: Pondering marketing puzzles with Elemental Harmony

Elemental Harmony is vocal trio currently comprised of three of our Listers:  (L to R) Kris Wildman, Ter Lieberstein, and Jacque Mahoney.  They’ve seen significant success in the local community, and their combined creativity and business acumen show potential for continued growth.  With their upcoming ‘Voices of Women‘ concert on 5/25 and the particular idiosyncrasies of … Read more

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