Prime Day points to creative fundraising

With Amazon promoting its third annual Prime Day for their members today (July 11), we’ve gotten a few interesting pitches in our email inbox over the last week — all of which lead to one option you may have missed.  Local arts orgs (and a whole lot of other charities) have signed up with Amazon for … Read more

What was that sound?

Two events this weekend draw focus to sound and language, in and outside of music: Vineyard Touring Opera … makes century-old films new with orchestral commissions by local composers, in a gala fundraiser event that combines silent movies, live music, silent auction and other activities for “The Sound of Silents”, a unique and creative evening … Read more

4 nonprofit myths artists should abandon, pronto

It’s safe to say that Lauri’s List is a fairly unique endeavor, and it leads to some interesting conversations as the Team and I traverse the wilds of SoCal.  One of the topics that comes up quite regularly is that of nonprofit (tax-exempt) status, and I’ve been fascinated by the opportunity to observe current attitudes … Read more

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