New Music Is the New Black

(or perhaps the canary in the mine?) Hi, tenor Nathan Granner here. I’ve been singing opera and classical music professionally for over 25 years and producing live shows, tours, recording albums for around 15 years. I’ve seen a lot in my day! Here are some of my thoughts. I’ve been so crazy these past months … Read more

LA public agency marks fifteen years of arts ed advocacy for LA schools

Good news for those who may despair about arts education. While there’s still plenty of room for more programs and better arts opportunities for growing creative minds, valuable programs like the LA County Arts Ed Collective are still fighting the good fight, and have been doing so for a decade and a half. Read below … Read more

Opera subscriptions coming from new partner program in San Diego

Sometimes, the arts and local governments can create beautiful music together! San Diego Opera has announced a new collaboration with their local City Council, making three-opera subscriptions available to nine students selected from each of the city’s districts.  This innovative program creates an opportunity to not only expose young music lovers (and their adult guests) to … Read more

Creativity, arts ed …and drugs for kids? Really?

Rather bizarre news this week.  First, Tasmanian multimedia artist Leon Ewing started a campaign to give drugs to teenagers to unlock their creativity. He plans to raise the idea of “educational marijuana” at an Australian museum event next month highlighting difficulties in schools. Then, the museum hosting the event stood up for him, refraining from … Read more

Jobs and artists, Part 1: A hard look at the future

The web has been abuzz with woe in recent days, fretting over the state of the arts’ job market.  The Paris merger has caused a huge stir.  The Green Bay Symphony has sung its swan song, with hundreds of tickets unsold for their final concert.  Chicago Classical Review reported on Monday that another Midwestern orchestra, … Read more

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