Reading List: the Pacific Symphony blog

Being part of the classical community means staying in touch, so you know who’s doing what, which performances can’t be missed, where the trends are, and even who you’d like to audition for. While the List exists for a lot of these reasons (and thank you for reading us), additional sources will offer perspective that … Read more

Changing the words around classical

The classical music blogosphere has touched several times recently on one of the biggest problems with the way our art is marketed:  we don’t know how to write about it.  In fact, most musicians don’t know how to speak compellingly to laypeople, much less their own colleagues.  If we can’t seem excited about what we … Read more

Two choral conductors become bloggers for a year

A new blog from baton-wielders Krishan Oberoi and Kirsten Shetler will discuss various issues about “choral leadership, arts administration, musical integrity, and more” over the coming year, and their endeavor is well worth checking out: Unchoir Your Choir Many of us know Krishan as the founder and director of San Diego’s excellent ensemble SACRA/PROFANA, of … Read more

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