Recap: News you mighta missed

The world rarely arrives in sonata form… we could all use a good recap. New releases With Christmas listening and gift-giving so close at hand, this is the perfect time to pick up some new manifestations of holiday favorites. Don’t depend on radio and Spotify to fill your ears this season. Local entities have put … Read more


The review posted today of Thursday night’s downtown event for LiNK pushed some buttons beyond the political, and served as a reminder of another issue, particularly important for all classical musicians, and especially those with busy and/or long careers.  Please bear with me for a brief ponder: Coming to a community-based concert at a rented … Read more

LA DCA’s new performing arts chief is rooting for small orgs

An announcement last week could bode very well for small arts organizations in Los Angeles:  Ben Johnson, formerly from CAP-UCLA.  Johnson is receiving cheers for his stated mission to support small, diverse organizations in particular. The department’s press release follows, adapted for our site from this webpage. [Press release] City of Los Angeles Department of … Read more

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