Speak up now about AB5

Echoing an important Facebook post here today. (You’ve Liked us on Facebook, right?) It’ll speak for itself: Want to learn more? There are lots of ways to get involved, and online groups that are sharing stories and organizing discussions. This group, the California Independent Music Professionals United, includes a whole lotta Listers already, and is … Read more

Stand and remember

Memorial Day weekend tends to be more full of barbecues and beaches and the thrill of the annual summer gateway, but for some, it brings out the champion within: For the South Bay Children’s Choir, for instance, this weekend’s ‘American Kaleidoscope’ concerts include repertoire from across the years in American music, including everything from works … Read more

Some sopranos moonlight beautifully as pot-stirrers…

Bubble, bubble… Let’s hear it for Lister / diva / activist / inspiration Ayana Haviv, who tweeted one of the most eloquently concise calls to action we’ve seen in the last week — here’s the three-parter: 1.If you care abt #arts, write short personal story abt how arts organizations affected u &/or gave u a job, send … Read more

The fight is here — right now

Arts community, it’s time to speak up — TODAY.  As of this morning, Donald Trump’s administration has released a budget proposal that, as they have repeatedly threatened, completely eliminates the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Institute for Library and Museum Services, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. As Chamber … Read more

A hashtag for the arts

As you’ve probably noticed, this blog and our social media feeds have included more political discussion than usual recently, due to the extraordinary times we are currently traversing.  While wearing several hats, Lauri’s List is at its root an arts advocacy organization:  we work for classical artists, for their work, and support both however we can. … Read more

Yes, immigration policy affects you

In refined circles, religion and politics are the two things you should never discuss.  And as much as our own culture is changing, classical music still likes to be perceived as refined. But this blog will not be abiding by that rule.  So much for etiquette. Due to the current political crisis in the US and with … Read more

Happy inauguration day

It’s been a tumultuous year, and this presidential election has been one of the most divisive in history.  Due to the diverse nature of the Listerhood, we tend to shy away from political issues on this blog. But with the broad statements and aggressive agendas being released by the new Trump administration that deeply affect … Read more

Better, now

Dreaming is all well and good.  Action is what makes a difference, for ourselves and in our world.  What if we were to take one of those great ideas and actually do something?  Pick one, and just start.  Do one thing.  Make a note about the next thing.  Then do that.  Imagine what could happen. … Read more

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