Long Beach Opera announces 2018-19 season

Reich, Glass, a world premiere and a Bach adaptation combine to celebrate two anniversaries for Long Beach Opera.  The release expresses the same vitality we’ve come to expect from this adventurous company, as well as a particular sense of artistic urgency: Stories that need to be told Music that needs to be heard Details below, … Read more

A half century’s early music obsession

More than five decades, three CDs, and dozens of concerts filled exclusively with music written before 1650: that’s quite a legacy, and they’re not done yet… While Jouyssance Early Music Ensemble is well-known to music lovers for their years of work under artistic director Dr. Nicole Baker, you may not know how long they’ve been … Read more

Happy birthday to us!

Wow.  I’ll say it again… WOW! Believe it or not, it’s been fifteen years.  December 10 has stood as the approximate start date of what is now Lauri’s List (as we’re not sure what day it actually started, but this guess is pretty close). So as of today, we have now officially been around for … Read more

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